You Should Put Salt In Your Shampoo

Due to the hectic pace of life, stress and poor lifestyle, our manes, unfortunately, find yourself suffering. So we tend to spend a fortune on cosmetics promising to repair our dry, brittle and split ends. Only, these products are generally loaded chemically that attack our scalp. Discover an easy tip that will allow you to require care of your hair without breaking the bank.

Widely used in cooking, salt is a particularly appreciated flavor enhancer. If its consumption must be done in moderation to avoid health problems, its use in cosmetics, on the other hand, has many advantages. In fact, salt eliminates excess sebum, fight dandruff and exfoliate the scalp to stimulate hair growth. To do this, simply put a few grains in your shampoo. Explanations.

Sea salt: what benefits for hair?

Present in small quantities in many shampoos and shower gels, salt thickens products and adjusts their viscosity. However, to take full advantage of the many benefits of this food compound, it is better to add it to your cosmetics. Salt is, therefore, an ingredient of choice for taking care of your mane, as long as you choose the right composition. In fact, not all salts are created equal. For thick and silky hair, opt for sea salt!

Salt reduces excess sebum by controlling the sebaceous glands responsible for oily scalp. So, to find healthy hair, dilute 3 tablespoons of salt in your shampoo and wash your hair as usual.

In addition, the salt fights against dandruff by exfoliating the scalp thanks to its grainy texture. This condiment also prevents the proliferation of fungi, a great asset if you suffer from dandruff. So, to get rid of these little white crusts, pour 2 teaspoons of salt on your scalp, massage with your fingertips in circular motions to stimulate blood circulation, then wash your hair as usual.

You should also know that thanks to its magnesium content, sea salt promotes growth and stimulates natural hair growth by toning the hair bulb. To do this, simply wash your hair with your usual shampoo, then take a small handful of salt and massage your scalp, leave it on for about fifteen minutes and rinse your hair thoroughly.

Follow this ritual twice a week, for two months.

Salt: benefits for the skin

As this study points out, sea salt, rich in magnesium and minerals, improves the appearance of the skin, promotes hydration and reduces inflammation. Note that salt can also treat skin problems such as eczema.

To effectively fight against dead skin, salt is a great ally. You just need to prepare an exfoliating cream by mixing in a bowl a handful of coarse salt with 2 teaspoons of coconut oil. Apply the texture to your body, massage with light rubbing and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

To reduce redness and inflammation of the skin, you can make a salt-based mask. You will need 2 teaspoons of sea salt and 4 teaspoons of honey. Mix the two ingredients and apply this mask on your face without rubbing and avoiding the eye area, leave on for 15 minutes then rinse with warm water.

Finally, to restore radiance and tone to your skin, mix 1 teaspoon of sea salt with warm water, then pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray this preparation on your face avoiding the eyes.


In case of severe dandruff, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist.