7 Good Reasons To Consume Lemon Within The Morning

Nutrition aficionados already know this, fruits and vegetables bring benefits and vitality to the body and promote a detoxifying action. And for good reason, they are rich in vitamins and minerals essential to purify the body and rid it of its toxins. Lemon is not to be outdone since it remains a major antioxidant. We are constantly advised to take a glass of warm lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach but do we know its real benefits for the body? Lights …

Starting your day with lemon water is a boost for the body, but do you know why? Most ignore the main benefits of lemon and its mechanisms of action. Beyond taking advantage of its many virtues, it is also the star of citrus fruits since it combines vitamin C, citric acid and many other antioxidants that help detoxify the body and prevent a good number of chronic diseases.

Let’s review the different benefits of lemon for the body:
It stimulates the liver

The multi-functional citrus fruit contains citric acid, which is known to stimulate the liver. In an article in Le Figaro, the dietician Florence Foucault unravel the true from the false regarding this citrus fruit and explains that thanks to the citric acid it contains, it stimulates the production of bile, thus facilitating intestinal transit and elimination body waste. The latter when accumulated, can accelerate the aging process and harm well-being, hence the importance of purifying emunctory organs such as the liver. In addition, it can absorb an excess period, especially when taking excessive alcohol. In a study, it was shown that consuming lemon would protect and purify the liver if a large amount of alcohol is ingested. This is why it is necessary to attach lemon to vital importance to safeguard the health of our liver.

It helps in weight loss

Coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, an unhealthy lifestyle can cause significant weight gain and have an impact on our figure. It is therefore essential to incorporate a lemon-based diet program into your diet. So, when combined with a balanced diet, it could help you get back into shape. The reason for this is the vitamin C it contains, which is thought to decrease cortisol, a hormone that causes fat storage. Also, thanks to its polyphenols, it would allow, according to a study, to activate the anti-fat mechanism.

It strengthens the immune system

A strengthened immune system is essential to counter bacterial and microbial attacks. Lemon flavonoids give it protective properties, according to a study published in the journal Nutrients. In addition, its richness in vitamin C, according to a study would improve the functions of immune cells, by treating various infections of the body.

It decreases cell aging

To preserve its youthfulness, what could be better than an early morning lemon juice. Considered a source of youth, it turns out that it is a recommended remedy for this purpose. And for good reason, its richness in antioxidants which fight against free radicals, main sources of cellular aging. Thus, according to the present study, the lemon would act as an anti-aging by reducing the thickness of the skin and the formation of wrinkles and by increasing its content of collagen.

 It protects the nervous system

In an in vivo experiment published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, the citric acid in lemon has been shown to be able to fight oxidative stress in the brain. It would thus act as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in the brain tissue, protecting it from neurodegenerative diseases.

It improves intestinal transit

Its richness in fibers and citric acid largely contributes to a more active transit. They thus make it possible to fight against even chronic constipation, as demonstrated in the present study.

It improves blood circulation

Thanks to its high content of flavanones, lemon consumed on a regular basis could improve blood flow to the brain, as stated in this study.

To prepare this healthy drink, simply mix the juice of half an organic lemon in a large glass of warm water. You can add a teaspoon of pure and organic honey to sweeten the taste.


Lemon is not recommended for burns or stomach ulcers.